Emily Buss


The chapter president oversees the chapter management team (CMT), joint chapter management team (JCMT), Nominating Committee (Nom Com) and the director of committees. They are also a member of Honor Board and Evaluating Committee (EVC).

Evelyn Diaz

vp: social standards

The vp: social standards is the presiding of cer over Honor Board (HB), and is the liaison between Honor Board and the chapter management team (CMT). Vp: social standards serves on Nominating Committee and oversees the director of social events and Honor Board members. In our chapter, vp: social standards also handles duties related to special events

Karlie Bonds

vp: finance

vp: finance serves on the chapter management team (CMT), Nominating Committee (Nom Com), and works to establish a strong financial base for the chapter.

Michelle Zender

vp: communications

vp: communications serves on the chapter management team (CMT) and works with the director of e-communications and director of public relations.

Audrey Laakso

vp: programming

vp: programming serves on the chapter management team (CMT) and Nominating Committee (Nom Com). The love of programming is the heart of the chapter!

Natali Banducci

vp: member education

vp: member education serves on the chapter management team (CMT). She helps our chapter host meaningful and enriching activities for the entire chapter, plans the New Member Pursuit, executes a quality rituals program and continuously supports the chapter’s scholarship program.

Sami West

vp: membership

vp: membership serves on the chapter management team (CMT) and chairs the Evaluating Committee (EVC). She helps the chapter host engaging and collaborative Recruitment Preparation Workshops (RPWs), utilize strong chapter leaders for recruitment roles (day chairs, spirit squads, etc.) and facilitate cohesive and confidential EVC meetings.

Taylor Lee

vp: Panhellenic

vp: Panhellenic acts as the “voice” for her Delta Gamma chapter on all Panhellenic matters. She serves on the chapter management team (CMT) and is the chapter’s main representative to the College Panhellenic (CPH). She helps exchange ideas, programs and information among collegiate chapters, the CPH and the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

Kaleigh Rainwater

vp: Foundation

vp: Foundation serves on the chapter management team (CMT). The primary role of the vp: Foundation is to be the liaison between the chapter and the Delta Gamma Foundation. The three areas of Foundation programming are: service, awareness and fundraising.